Friday, November 14, 2008

Cooking Spree!

After 25 years of safeguarding myself from entering the kitchen, here I am going on a cooking spree. Before getting married, I was almost scared to death with the idea of gettin into the kitchen and doing the COOKing thing. I did not know how to cook, and most of all I just felt I would never enjoy it. I used to look at my mom and feel amazed as to how quickly and efficiently she makes the food. Gone are those scary days!!
After marriage, I had to start cooking for 2 reasons, one, ter's my hubby's stomach to feed, and two, what the heck! my own stomach is growling loudly for food!!!
I should say I am very much gifted coz my hubby had been cooking for 2 years coz he was always away from home due to work. And so he has mastered the art of cooking! Atleast thats the way I felt! On the first week of us both staying together after marriage, he cooked for me, and taught me things! How amazing for me to see him cook food so damn casually!!! I used to look at him with so much wonder!

Slowly and steadily now I am learning to cook, and I have already experimented with so many recipes, and everything has turened out well. The only negative being the pace at which I cook! Yeah, a bit slow I would say!
I shall soon post pics and recipes of what all I have tried!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Sleep Vs Me

Today was yet another day when I got up at 7 15 AM and thought, "O man! Should I really make it to the gym tdy too?". Of late, this is the question with which I get up daily. My dear hubby wakes up at 6 AM and leaves to office by 6 45 while I keep sleeping. He kisses me good-bye and then a "have a nice day honey!" and off he goes. And then comes the heavenly sleep for 30 odd mins and then bang goes the alarm.
Somehow I find it difficult to open my eyes so early!! And all the decision making of whether or not to goto the gym!
But somehow out of nowhere I pulled up all my will to get up, brush and face the new day! Yes!! I did goto gym today!
I always wonder whether its me or does everybody feel the same about making to the gym or some chore that has to be done! When I look back, I can say I had not been steady enough making it to the gym daily! One fine day, I enrolled myself in my Office gym and then I went there for 3 months!!! And that was also not continuous. I used to skip going there some days. Suddenly I even stopped going there for 3-4 months. And then with guilt all over my mind, and blaming my laziness, again I gathered my mind and started going there.
I wonder if this laziness has its play in everybody else around me too! Coz whenever I see people who work out, I see them everyday, happy and energetic, and I feel why dont I have the same.
I am still trying, and I hope one day that this gymming will become a habit like brushing!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My first post!

After a long long thinking, I have decided to start writing blogs. Why not! This is my first post! As I take this journey through this vast enchanting world which never ceases to give me a pot pouri of experiences, I shall try to record my moments here whenever possible!
Now here I go to explore the world......................vrrooooooooooooooommmmmm!

"Life is what happens to you when you are busy making plans"