Monday, June 22, 2009

Just cant believe how quickly it all happened!

It all happened too fast i feel :-( Now I miss my wedding day a lot!
It was so much fun! Just 2 days before me, one of my Infy friends' got married! In our place, family will not allow us to go out for atleast some number of days when we are going to get married. I had to ask so much in my home in order to go for her wedding! And finally they gave the permission! Dont have her pics now...

Sweet times..

Today, I had a chat with my college friend/hostel roomy. Its been a very long time since I saw her! Really long..should say years!
Now that I am mostly free, I just keep thinking of how busy I had been when I was working! When I was working, I used to think about how good it was spending time with friends in college while studying!
I have had a good gang of friends in my college hostel. Another gang of friends in the first company that I joined soon after college. Again another group in which am currently working for now.
There had been so many good times with all of them!
I am just thinking of all that now as I have loadsa free time, and its good to have those memories...
I will have to soon digitize them I guess..