Monday, November 30, 2009

Before & After!

I think I am going to burst by the time I reach my due date. I was already worried about being overweight. Now my body seems to happily add on the pounds everyday!

I reduced around 8 kg by doing aerobics for 8 months before my marriage which placed me at 61Kg. After marriage I successfully spoiled my past effort by putting on 5Kg after coming to Seoul. As on date, I am 80 Kg. Yup! 14 Kg increase after becoming pregnant!!


80Kg :-( :

I am really worried how much I am going to increase in the 2 months left. I am wondering if the doctors will say that there may be some risk if I exceed 90 kg or whatever. Me and my husband are very much looking forward to having a normal delivery. I hope my weight doesn't stand in the way!