Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Yes! She is here! Finally! :=)
I am sooo happy!!
Iniya was born on 8th Feb 2010, via C-sec, weighing 3.76Kg and 51 cm!
I am still recovering! They have not yet removed my stitches as they have not healed yet.
Will write more when I find time.. She is nursing for 1 hour and she wakes up every hour..

This is my sweet Iniya. Iniya means sweet in our mother tongue Tamil.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

We are moving...

To a bigger apartment!! Yayyy!!! We had been content with this studio apt all this time... And it will be okay even if the baby arrives! just we wont have any place to store baby stuff :-)
My sis-in-law will be coming on Feb 14th, and so we had been asking my hubby's company to provide us with a 2 bedroom apartment. And we had been asking for it from November! And finally we got it!!!
Needless to say we would have struggled a lot here in this studio without any privacy. The bedroom is something with the sliding doors and so small, and there wouldn't be any privacy for anybody!!
I was really worried how things will go after delivery. Obviously I would have found it very difficult with one extra adult in this tiny apt!! And of course she would have too..!
Now that we have got the 2 BHK, I am really happy and relieved!!!
We started packing things yesterday and we were amazed to see how we had so much things with us.. and there is yet more to pack!
We will be moving to Acro Tower tomorrow evening. We have asked the Biz center people to give phone and internet connection by Friday so that we will not be stuck there for 2 days without those essentials.
I have not yet seen the house. But there is nothing to see I feel. They provide us the housing, and by luck, this room got vacant. If we don't take it, then we will have to be here.
House is on the 27th Floor!! I have never been in that high a place :-)
They have given access cards without which we cannot enter the residential part of the building! I hope we keep the card safely and not lose it :-)

I am planning to go see the place. Its just 1 KM from here. But I think the whole building will be a puzzle. Thee are 2 towers and I do not know which is A and which one is B! And I do not know where the secure door is present.
May be I will get lost there. It reminds me of the time when I joined as an Engineer Trainee in Infosys Mysore. On the first day, we had to go to our resp. classes in the GEC building. It was circular building and most of us got lost in confusion!!!

I hope I find the way. And hopefully I will take pictures. All to be done, if weather permits and if it isn't too windy.