Monday, March 22, 2010

6 weeks today!

Yay! Iniya is 6 weeks old! She is growing up fast and she knows what she wants!! And she wants me to talk to her the whole time she is awake! And boy am I having a very difficult time getting her to sleep. Making her sleep in her crib has been a total failure. Every night I think that I should persist in putting her down in her crib. But by the time she sleep I get so tired that I don't want to wake her up by keeping her down!
She is now sleeping in the hammock that we borrowed from our friend who lives here. Their baby can no longer use it! So much thanks to them, she sleeps in it well. But still I don't think she can sleep in it when she grows. So I want her to sleep in the crib. How do I do the magic?? She just cant tolerate the flat surface of the bed or the crib. However tired or sleepy, she wakes up :-(
I had my 6 week check up and doc told everything is fine. And gave the go ahead for exercising. I just don't know how I am going to reduce my weight. I just don't feel like looking at myself. now I like the way I looked when I was pregnant :-D
I don't have the hope that my stomach will be what it used to be :-( I am not bothered about the stretch marks, but the belly! How will I be able to manage my time with her and do the exercise plus the house chores ??!$#@#!!!
Well, I guess I will have to be really efficient enough in planning my daily activities.

Here are some pics of Iniya!


Sarah said...

She's a doll, San. I will advise you from my own experience. Don't worry too much about the sleep, especially since it's so early. Grace slept with me for the first 7 weeks and then I moved her to a crib. Don't worry too much about the clock. Just do your best. All babies are different, but I can tell you that Grace sleeps better now than she did as a young baby. Even at two months, she seemed to not need as much sleep. Just go with the flow, because it's true: It will pass!

Lolimahro said...

She is looking so beautiful!! I can't believe it's been six weeks ALREADY! Don't worry about that belly - it will go down. Some women get rid of it in 6 months, some 1 year...I am just starting to shed it with some work now at 18 months. Just focus on getting good rest for now.

Funny anecdote about sleep - I knew a woman once who told me she had a friend whose son slept in his car seat for nine straight months and wouldn't sleep anywhere else! I wouldn't wish that on anyone, and wouldn't advise it, but I thought it was kind of funny. Your little one will get used to the crib eventually. Keep trying to figure out different ways to make it work - a different location or position of the crib, for instance.

Wishing you many blessings!

Mama Seoul said...

A gorgeous angel!

San said...

Thanks Sarah...Its gud tat Grace has settled down properly now... I only hope the same happens with Iniya too.. Sleeping is the topmost in my worries list..

San said...

@MamaSeoul - Thanks a lot mamaseoul!

@Lolimahro -
Ha haa.. Sleeping in a carseat!!! Thanks Lolimahro... yeah even I cant believe that time has flown so fast!!
Thing is I am afraid that I may put on more weight if I dont start exercising now :-( Already I need to reduce 20 Kg!!!!!