Monday, August 16, 2010

6 months 1 week- Updates!!!

Yeah I know I had been lazy enough to just not sit and write some posts. But I do keep reading my friend's blogs. I always hope that I should keep writing frequently, but still...

Iniya is now 6 months old, and there have been so many developments! Its amazing to see her grow. At times, I just cant believe that she was the same tiny lil bean that I saw on the U/S screen when I was like 6 weeks pregnant!

Iniya has started eating solids. These are the foods that she enjoys (kinda):
1. Rice Cereal
2. Wheat cereal
3. Carrot
4. Potato
5. Pumpkin
6. Banana
7. Apple

She eats some 1/4th of the soft rice cracker that I got from E-mart. It is so nice to see her eating it by herself.

I will be introducing Lentils when she starts her 7th month. It is supposed to meet the protein needs. Also it is a major part of our daily food.
I will have to try the soup that my doc in India had suggested. Presuure cook a small pices of carrot, potato, beetroot along with 1 cumin seed, 1 black pepper ball along with water. Remove the cumin and pepper seed and then make it into soup. I will have to try this.

Iniya has started crawling and she does so many stunts. Most of the time I leave her on the playmat and she is happy to play alone with some toys. A few weeks back she was demanding that I should sit with her 24/7. But now she even allows me to cook and she watches me as she plays. She is licking whatever comes within a few inches of her mouth. And all that biting and pulling with teeth.
She is also learning to drink from her sippy. I had got the Nuby soft spout sippy for her. She just takes a few sips and then starts biting the spout and pulling it. When I say No, she smiles at me and does it again. And expects me to say No to her. She crawls all over the mat, but once she comes out of the mat to the wooden floor, she stops after a few crawls. Its slippery for her. Her motivation to crawl is to touch the table legs, chair legs etc and lick them.
She is able to pass toys from one hand to another which she has been doing for a month now. She has started to cry when we try to take away the toy that she is holding AND LICKING. If not licking, then no cries.

One major happening activity now is Potty training! Yayyyyy! It is kinda potty training. In India, very few use diaper and most of them are just with panties or bare. Yeah, they have panties for 1 month old babies! Cute lil ones. They keep wiping the pees and poops off the floor, and washing the bums. I was a bit scared to do all those coz I became hooked to the diapers from her birth. But there are a few babies and their moms who have been a big motivation for me.
My friend S's baby was like 8 months old when I saw her, and she never wore diapers in the house. And after a while, when she was like 1.2 yrs old, she was able to say that she was peeing wheile she peed in her diaper when we were in the park. It was amazing.
I have been reading Mama Seoul's blog for quite some time now. When I saw her post about EC, and her daughter Eva's pic , I thought, Why not?
From Iniya's birth, I have been associating the grunting sound whenever she poops. Whether she makes that sound or not, I do. Slowly by 4 months, she became aware of it. Her general potty time is 6 AM as soon as he gets up. If she had not pooped, I would put her on the mat, and make the grunting sound, and she would poop. I was doing this only whenver she had not pooped on her own. MOst of the days she would have ppop in her diaper coz I useually get up only after she gets up. cleaning all the poop off her bum was a tedious job, and she also lost her patience to be still. So I got an idea. I bought an infant toilet insert. And veer since then, I watch her closely for any signs that she does for pooping, and then I run with her to the toilet. Cool thing is she also waits till I put her on the toilet.
I am also doing this for peeing. big problem here is she pees every 30 mins or 1 hr. And am not able to figure it out properly still. First few days, I put her on the toilet, and opend the water. She peed. Then I just staretd making the 'Shhhh' sound and she now pees for that. If she doesnt get pee, she cries, so I take her off.
I have misssed a lot os peees and have ended up wiping the floor and washing her. But still I find using the EC kinda amazing. It gives me a sense of accomplishment :-)

Its ben a very long post already. And Iniya has woken up from sleep. I shall be back soon hopefully!

Sunday, August 8, 2010