Thursday, January 27, 2011


I know that I have not been writing any posts for a long time now. Iniya is just not allowing me to sit with the laptop for a long time. She is 11 months 3 weeks old now! And her latest activity is learning to jump!

I wanted to post today coz I would like to share the news that we are moving to India in 2 days! And then may be after 2-3 months to another country after we get the visa processed! My husband has got a job there and the reasons we are moving are not much! More earnings and English schooling for Iniya. In Korea, the international schools are not affordable, and the local schools only teach in Korean.

I think I will be missing Korea a lot! I have not gone to many places in Korea and I think I should atleast try to explore the next country we are going to. And also try to blog more. May be I should take an oath or something to do that!

Well, I wish all my blog friends All the best for their future endeavors! And I hope we can stay in touch through the blog and grow! I will miss you all so much though we haven't met in person!

I shall start blogging again after I reach and settle down in the new place!
Wish you all a happy and healthy life!

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