Thursday, June 23, 2011

In Kuwait

So after a long waiting time of 3 months I landed in Kuwait with Iniya. God, I just hate being separated from Arul. All I want is to just be near him whatever happens. But these visa procedures are forcing us to stay separate fr some days. I told Arul I dont want this to happen again. But he said that if we have to move to some place else we will have to go through it. Huhhh...

Anywayz we have kinda settled down here.Before we came Arul had rented the house and bought furnitures and other house stuff. So it was kinda easy fr me. But poor Arul he must have had a tough time going around in this hot place to set up the house.

Kuwait is so damn hot. Ofcoz coz its a desert. As of now all I can say is the place has everything that you need to cook Indian stuff, coz that was the main problem when we were in Korea. There are many malls around. And transportaion is the main problem for us as we have to get the driving license yet. His company's rul changed this year saying that they will give the letter to be submitted fr DL only after 1 year. So we have to use taxis which are not so easy like in Korea. We cant walk anywhere coz of the hot sun. So if a taxi has to come near your doorstep they charge more.

I will have to wait till October to take a walk outside. All in all, Arul knows I am not quite happy with the place. But we do have good savings here. And Arul likes the workplace. But I have told him that we will have to try to relocate somewhereelse after 2-3 years. Lets see what happens.

Iniya is going to be 17 months now and she is growing up so fast! She understands most of what we say and its amazing! I just cant believe the baby that small has grown up in front of my eyes yet she looks like the same Iniya on day 1.

I just feel I dont know hwo to handle her and her tantrums most of the time.
Now a days she asks me to play with her all the time and am finding it difficult. So I am looking around for daycares so that she can start socialising. She likes kids bigger than her and tries to call them. So I hope I am able to find a place for her.

And now a days I seem to be cooking daily in a proper schedule more because the internet here is not so fast as in Korea and so it is taxing to browse.

The best thing about coming here is that Arul comes home at 3.30 PM everyday like clockwork!!!!! I love it. In Korea he used to leave home at 6 30 and come home by 7 30PM. If he had more work sometimes 10PM. Here he leaves at 6 40AM. So Arul has a lot of time to play with Iniya. I dont know when I can get some time alone with Arul.

Was in a hurry typing the post coz I have to do it before iniya wakes up from her nap. I will try to make a post sooner!