Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cant pick a title!

So what has been happening all this time? Not much! I think I am going to become mad sitting at home coz I cant go out in this hot weather. And so all the time I jus keep wondering how it wud have been nice if we had just been in Seoul.

We finally gave the vaccine shots for Iniya. Here in kuwait, we have to get the vaccines in the Govt hospitals. They are free. They just stick to their schedule. If we have any other vaccines on our list, we will have to go to the private hospitals. Wich is almost 10-15 times coztlier I would say. Why so? Coz in the govt. hospitals, you will have to pay just 1 KD(Kuwaiti Dinar) for anything, be it a small fever to a big surgery. normal delivery or C-section. The same healthcare is free for Kuwaitis. Ofcoz all this is possible if we pay for the Kuwait health insurance which is also not much.

Anyways the only problem I find here is that people are not very courteous or pleasing enough. I dont want to say more.

Iniya has been growing tremendously at a fast pace. Wow! Its just so nice to see that! The only problem sitting in my head is how to potty train her with the whole house carpetted. Have to browse more.

After so much waiting, I gave fish to Iniya and she loved it. I dont eat fish and so I dont know how to buy fish. There are a certain variety of fish that I wanted to give her and I did not know how to find them in Seoul. but here, its easy to find them coz people know the indian name of the fish too!

I made Sear fish fry(Vanjiram meen in Tamil). But for iniya I jus gave Steamed fish.
Here is the recipe for Sear fish fry:

Sear fish pieces
Garlic paste
Red Chilly powder
black pepper powder
Turmeric powder
salt to taste
lemon juice


mix all the ingredients to make a paste ( except fish). Use the lemon juice to make paste. no water should be added. Now coat the fish with this paste marinate for 30 mins.
Take a flat pan, pour 2-3 tspns of oil, and fry the fish each side for 2mins or until cooked.

Thats it!! This is a very tasty fish. It has only the middle bone so its easy to eat it without fishing for small bones.
The last time I ate fish was when I was in my 2nd grade. After that I ate fish now! It was yummy!

Will post soon!

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